Antibody Assessment Panels 

IgE Antibody Panels

An IgE allergic reaction typically occurs immediately after exposure to the allergen, be it food or inhalant. This type of reaction is referred to as a Type I allergy, or immediate hypersensitivity.

Our standard, curve based method for our semi-quantitative allergen-specific IgE ELISA & quantitative Chemiluminescence follows World Health Organization standards. These standards increase immunoassay sensitivity against a broad range of allergen concentrations, allowing for the detection of minute levels of IgE antibodies in a serum specimen for accurate assay performance. This respect for global standards and attention to detail guarantees the highest quality antibody testing for your patients.

When running an IgE Antibody Assessment Panel, test results should be assessed by the practitioner in light of the patient’s full medical history. If you are a patient, please talk with your practitioner of your interest in this test and have them contact us.