IgE Antibody Panels


We are very please that all IgE Antibody Assessments will be conducted on our new Siemens Immulite Immunoassay System.

This Immunoassay System utilizes enzyme-amplified chemiluminescence technology with lower detection limits and greater specificity of measured antibody-antigen reactions.

US BioTek Laboratories will offer IgE panels for food, inhalant and mold.

*   The Food Panel will consist of 19 foods which have been found to be among the most commonly reactive, requested and relevant for IgE.
*   The Inhalant Panel will consist of 20-21 antigens and will be performed according to the patient’s region- with 18 defined areas in the U.S. and 6 defined areas in Canada. For International clients, inhalants will be offered according to their regions.
*   The Mold Panel will consist of 15 antigens.
*    All IgE tests will include Total IgE value.

This test platform change has required significant thought, investment and dedication from our team and we are excited for it to bring a meaningful benefit to our clients.
All IgE tests for both food and inhalant panels will be provided at the same low price structure with no price increase. The new mold panel will be offered for the same price.
We greatly appreciate your business and we look forward to working with you and your practice as you positively impact your patient’s health.
Please visit our FAQ page for any questions.
Download the Sample Reports and other related files in PDF format.