Antibody Assessment Panels

Allergic and other hypersensitivity reactions to foods and aeroallergens are characterized by elevated allergen-specific antibody levels in the affected individual’s blood. Research indicates that these types of reactions are implicated in a number of health problems. Through our Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) & Chemiluminescence methodology we provide a useful tool for practitioners to assess their patients’ allergies and sensitivities to a variety of common allergens.

Our standard, curve based method for our quantitative allergen-specific IgE Chemiluminescence is traceable to World Health Organization’s standards. These standards increase immunoassay sensitivity against a broad range of allergen concentrations allowing for the detection of minute levels of IgE antibodies in a serum specimen for accurate assay performance. This respect for global standards and attention to detail guarantees the highest quality antibody testing for your patients.

For a comprehensive look at the body’s immune reaction to foods and inhalants, US BioTek Laboratories offers the following antibody assays:

Included with each assessment:

  • 7-Zone Color Bar Graph
  • Foods and Aeroallergens are grouped by type, e.g. dairy, nuts/grains, molds, pollens, etc.

For a list of tested antigens or analytes visit our Sample Reports page or visit our Analytes List.

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The clinical relevance of food and inhalant-specific IgA and IgG is not established. The presence of food and inhalant-specific IgA and IgG represents exposure to a food or inhalant allergen and does not in itself identify allergy. Test results must be evaluated by the healthcare practitioner who understands the limitations of these tests. US BioTek Laboratories, Inc. Disclaimer