Testing FAQs

As a patient, how do I get a US BioTek test done?
As a consumer, our services must be ordered by your healthcare practitioner. Please have your practitioner contact us directly for test and fee information. At this time, we do not provide practitioner referrals.
What foods do you test for on your Food Antibody Assessment Panels?
We offer Standard, Asian, Japanese and Mexican food panels including a variety of herbs and spices. These are available for our IgA, IgE and IgG antibody assessments through serum and whole blood. IgE is only available through serum. Whether you live abroad or follow an indigenous diet, our food choices have a worldwide appeal. For a complete antigen list please refer to our service guide.
How and when- do I get my test results?
Test results are sent to your practitioner that ordered the test(s) for you. You may obtain copies of your test results from your practitioner.
Who can I talk to about my test results?
As a laboratory, we are unable to provide you with a medical consult regarding your test results or any health-related issues/concerns. Please contact your practitioner who may contact us directly for assistance.