Shipping FAQs
How do I ship my specimen(s) to the lab?
Prior to shipment, please ensure that the test requisition form is complete and the specimen is fully labeled to include: patient’s full name (first & last), date of birth, and date of collection. Ensure that the specimen container is secure. Detailed instructions on the shipment of specimens are included with each specimen collection kit.
We offer pre-paid 2nd day FedEx shipment for liquid serum specimens for the 48 contiguous U.S. states and Canada and pre-paid USPS mailers for dried blood and urine spot specimens for the U.S. states and Canada inclusive.
For international and overseas shipment of specimens, the shipper is responsible for all fees incurred. Please consult with your international air carrier for their particular guidelines and specifications.
All specimens are shipped at ambient temperature.
Once I have collected my specimen, by when does it need to get to the lab?
Please refer to our service guide for the specific test panel or profile.