Preparing For Your Test & Collecting You Specimen(s)

Test Preparation & Specimen Collection FAQs

Do I need to fast before my blood draw?
No. It is suggested to maintain your usual dietary habits consuming a variety of foods when possible. Avoid any food that may have potentially resulted in a previous adverse reaction or anaphylaxis. Secondary exposure may be life-threatening.
Are there any supplement or medication restrictions before collecting my blood specimen?
Immunosuppressive medications such as corticosteroids, antiproliferative agents, interleukin inhibitors, and TNF alpha inhibitors, may affect test results. The mechanism of action, dosage, delivery route, half-life, and duration of use for all immunosuppressant medications should be considered in the context of your complete health history to determine if avoidance is safe and necessary. Please contact your practitioner for their specific guidelines.
Are there any food, supplement or medication restrictions before collecting my urine specimen?
For the Environmental Pollutants Profile:
Avoid food products containing the following preservatives 48 hours prior to urine collection:
Sorbic Acid/Sorbate (E 200-203) and Benzoic Acid/Sodium Benzoate (E 210-213).
Please contact your practitioner for their specific guidelines.
Where do I get my blood drawn?
Your practitioner may be equipped to draw your blood in office or he/she may send you to a draw station. The draw station may charge you a fee for their service.
What are the specimen requirements?

Please see our Specimen Requirements section. This information is also available in our service guide.

What is the age or other restrictions for testing?
There is no under age limit. US BioTek’s IgE antibody assays are suitable for 10 years of age and older. Our Celiac Antibody and Specific-IgA panels are not suitable for breast-fed infants, or individuals with an IgA deficiency or sub-optimal levels.
The Comprehensive Urinary Metabolic and Environmental Pollutants Profiles are not suitable for ages younger than 2 years.