Payment and Billing FAQs
What is the cost and what are the accepted methods of payment?
Pricing information is available to the practitioner on request. Practitioners or patients may prepay US BioTek directly at the prepay fee with a check or credit card number enclosed with the specimen.
Do you take insurance?
No. US BioTek Laboratories does not bill private insurance for test fees and will not file a claim on the patient’s behalf. If the patient has paid at the prepaid price, he/she may request an itemized receipt which they may then submit to their insurance provider. Coverage under an insurance plan may be subject to limits set by the insurance provider. Some test procedures performed by US BioTek Laboratories may be considered as investigational and therefore may not be payable as covered benefits for patients. CPT codes are provided on the back of our test requisition form.
Do you take Medicare?
US Biotek Laboratories is not a Medicare or Medicaid provider, and our tests are not reimbursable by either agency.