IgE Antibody Panels FAQs
Why are only 19 foods being offered in the IgE General Food Panel when there were previously 96 foods offered?
When compared with other immunoglobulins, blood IgE levels are often considered to be low and present with a short half life of two days. Thus, finding positive results for IgE is often difficult for many foods and a more sensitive system can be very helpful for patients. We have been in the process of exploring a system with higher sensitivity and chose the new Immulite assay system which is a proven, reliable and accurate tool for the identification of IgE reactions. 19 foods have been selected for this assay which are some of the most commonly reactive, requested, and relevant foods.
What are the 19 foods which will be tested on the new Immulite platform?
Almond, Blue Mussel, Brazil Nut, Buckwheat, Coconut, Codfish, Corn, Cow’s Milk, Egg White, Hazelnut, Oat, Peanut, Rice, Salmon, Sesame, Shrimp, Soybean, Tuna and Wheat.
What can clients and patients expect from the change in testing platform?
Due to the tremendous sensitivity of this new Immulite Technology, clinicians and their patients can expect an increase in positive results.
Why is the price remaining the same when the number of tested antigens has significantly decreased for each IgEpanel?
The price remains the same for the 19 foods due to significant increase in reagent and equipment cost for this advanced FDA cleared Siemens Immulite XPi 2000 Immunoassay System.
Is Total IgE included in each 19 General Food Panel?
Yes, Total Serum IgE will be reported with each food, inhalant, and mold panel. IgE food panels will be reported separately from IgA and IgG food panels.
Are there any changes in sample requirement and shipment?
Yes, only 3 ml of serum is required for each food, mold, or inhalant panel compared with the previous requirement of 9 ml for our IgE general food, and 5 ml for inhalant panel.
Does the new Immulite 2000 system measure the presence of IgE antibodies quantitatively?
Yes, the IgE report will include quantitation of IgE antibodies present against individual allergen, class of reactions, a bar graph similar to our present report along with total serum IgE level.
Will regional IgE panels continued to be offered with the New Immulite platform?
No. We will no longer offer any regional food panels such as Asian, Mexican, etc. This 19 food IgE panel will replace all regional panels offered previously.
Will US BioTek’s other testing convert to the Immulite Testing platform?
No, not at this time. IgE assays are unique simply because of the special properties of IgE immunoglobulins. We believe the new Immulite methodology addresses these challenges and our clients will find great satisfaction in their results.
Will there be any molds that are included on the regional inhalant panels?
Yes, there are 5 molds included in the Inhalant Panel. There is also a separate Mold Panel with 15 allergens.
Is the new IgE testing performed on the Siemens Immulite platform 510(k) approved by the Federal Drug Adminstration?
Yes, the Immulite testing platform has 510k approval.
Will private insurance companies pay for IgE testing performed on the Immulite system?
This is wholly dependent on each individual insurance policy. As a reminder, US BioTek does not bill private insurance on behalf of patients, but can provide CPT codes.
Will there be an increase in turnaround time?
No, we are pleased to assure our clients that turnaround time will remain the same at 5-10 working days.
Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
Client Services at US BioTek Laboratories would be pleased to help answer additional questions. They can be reached at cservice@usbiotek.com
Who can I talk to about my test results?
As a laboratory, we are unable to provide you with a medical consult regarding your test results or any health-related issues/concerns. Please contact your practitioner who may contact us directly for assistance.