Account Setup FAQs
How do I set-up an account?
To open an account with US BioTek Laboratories, the practitioner must be authorized under his or her scope of practice to order laboratory testing. The ability to order laboratory testing is linked to a profession’s authority to interpret results for the purposes of diagnosis for decisions regarding patient treatment. If you are unsure whether your license covers the ordering of laboratory tests, please contact your state Department of Health, Health Professions Quality Assurance.

You may call US BioTek Laboratories Client Services at 877.318.8728 or use our contact us page with your request to open an account.

How much does testing cost?
Complete fee information is available upon request to the licensed healthcare practitioner. Please contact our office for this information.
Will insurance pay for testing?
US BioTek Laboratories does not bill private insurance for test fees and will not file a claim on the patient’s behalf. If the patient has paid at the prepaid price, he/she may request an itemized receipt which they may then submit to their insurance provider. Coverage under an insurance plan may be subject to limits set by the insurance provider. Some test procedures performed by US BioTek Laboratories may be considered as investigational and therefore may not be payable as covered benefits for patients. CPT codes are provided on the back of our test requisition form.
How may I obtain test kits/supplies?
As a licensed healthcare practitioner you may call our Client Services Dept. to request, free of charge, test kit/supplies.
How do I ship patient specimens?
We provide pre-paid, expedited, trackable packaging for specimen return shipment throughout the United States and Canada. For all other international shipment of specimens, the shipper is responsible for all fees incurred. As an international practitioner, please consult with your air carrier for their particular guidelines and specifications. All specimens are shipped at ambient temperature.
What do the test results mean?
Lab results are only part of a comprehensive health evaluation. Diagnostic and treatment decisions are made by the practitioner with the focus on all aspects of the patient’s current medical condition. US BioTek’s test reports are easy to read and self-explanatory. For additional technical support please contact our Client Services Dept.
US BioTek will not discuss test results or procedures directly with the patient. Patients are referred back to the practitioner for consultation and follow-up.
How and when do I get my patient's test results?
All test results are reported to the practitioner who assumes the responsibility of relaying the information to the patient.
All results remain confidential and are mailed to the practitioner’s office directly. Fax and email services in addition to online access are provided on request.