How to Order
US BioTek Laboratories’ testing services can only be ordered through a healthcare practitioner.
To order tests, the practitioner must be licensed under his or her scope of practice to do so.
Our services are available worldwide and all USA states except New York & Pennsylvania.

New Account Setup Application
As a new client:

  1. Complete on-line Registration Form and
  2. Practitioner Certification Form (Please provide your National Provider Identifier (NPI) if available).

You may email completed forms to or fax them to 206.363.8790.
We will contact you by email and fulfill your order once your account has been approved.

Please visit our FAQ page for any questions.

Sending in Kits
As an existing client, you may email or call us at 1.877.318.8728 to order test kits.
Clients may fill out, print our fillable Requisition Form below and be sure to mail in with your kits.