Collection Instructions

Specimen Requirements

Immunology: Serum/Serum WA, AK, HI, PR or Whole Blood (Blood Spot)

Specific-IgA and IgG Antibody Assessments:

Culturally-diversed 96 General Food, 96 Asian Food, 96 Japanese Food, 96 Mexican Food, 96 Vegetarian Food, 16 Vegetarian and 16 Common Inhalant Panels.

Candida Antibodies & Antigen Panel

Immunology: Serum/Serum WA, AK, HI, PR only

Specific-IgE Antibody Assessments:

Culturally-diversed 19 General Food, 20 Allergen Inhalant, 15 Mold Panels and Total IgE.

Celiac Antibody Panel

All serum and whole blood specimen requirements are listed on the Test Requisition Form for easy referral.

Specialty Chemistry: Urine

Comprehensive Urinary Metabolic Profile & Environmental Pollutants Profile

2 Dip ’N Dry urine collection strips provided in each test kit are sufficient for both panels combined.

Please visit our Preparation & Collection FAQ page or our Shipping FAQ page for any questions.